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 Introducing the InsightEar Wireless Otoscope by EZGOODS, an upgraded iteration that surpasses its predecessors with enhanced features and compliance with FCC, RoHS, and CE standards. With upgraded accessories designed for safety and efficacy, this device is tailored for diverse ear conditions, including oily ears, ensuring a safe and reliable experience for users across various scenarios.

Experience unparalleled clarity with the InsightEar's 360° Wide Angle & 1296P HD Image capabilities. Equipped with a professional-grade lens offering a panoramic view, this otoscope provides real-time, high-definition images, empowering users to inspect their ear canals with precision. Say goodbye to wax residue as the enhanced clarity aids in thorough wax removal, leaving your ears immaculately clean and free from buildup.

Simplicity meets versatility with the InsightEar's user-friendly design and broad compatibility. By simply scanning the QR code on the manual and downloading the designated app, users can effortlessly connect their device and begin their ear examination journey. Compatible with both Android smartphones/tablets and iOS iPhones/iPads, this otoscope ensures seamless integration into your digital ecosystem.

Beyond ear care, the InsightEar boasts a wide range of applications, from facilitating ear examinations for family members to inspecting the ears of beloved pets. Additionally, its versatility extends to skin, nose, and teeth examinations, making it an indispensable tool for various household needs. With the InsightEar, convenience and efficiency converge to become your trusted home assistant.

Product Information:

  • Product Model: InsightEar Visual Ear Picker
  • Working Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Working Voltage: 3.7V
  • Maximum Power: 0.5W
  • Body Material: ABS
  • Input Interface: TYPE-C
  • Input Parameters: 5V/0.3A
  • Body Color: Black/White
  • Power Type: Polymer
  • Battery Life: 35 Minutes
  • Charging Time: 60 Minutes
  • Working Environment: -10°C to 50°C
  • Battery Capacity: 130mAh
  • Product Specifications: Length 145mm
  • Switch Type: Lamp Head Push Switch
  • Working Mode: Long Press for Two Seconds to Turn On/Off
  • Charge and Discharge Protection: Built-in Overcharge and Overdischarge IC for Prolonged Battery Life
  • Battery Mode: LED Light is Red when Fully Charged, Flashes Red when Battery is Weak
  • Charging Mode: LED Flashes Red when Charging, Turns Red when Fully Charged
  • Status Mode: Flashing Blue Light when Not Connected to WIFI, Blue Light when Connected to WIFI
  • Waterproof Grade: IPX5 (Anti-rain, Anti-splash Water)
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Upgrade from standard earpicks and experience the future of ear hygiene with our innovative solution





You can carry it with you wherever you go


Enhanced hygiene ensured


made to last



    The InsightEar is incredibly compact, ensuring portability wherever you roam


    The InsightEar completely replaces the need for earpicks, contributing to tree conservation efforts.


We at EZGOODS prioritize our packages and gaurantee you will get your package as fast as possible

  • d***I

    the manual indicates to download the App and how it is used; I was surprised to see my ear in detail, I think quite clean with two particles of something haha the image is very clear

  • Y***z

    Nice toy. I bought out of curiosity. Simple installation of the application on the phone

  • M***r

    Very grateful for the product is very good, the camera is very clear and it is easy to connect on the phone

  • L***i

    It is very good, but it is a little difficult to use maybe over time I can use it and get to the bottom I was careful not to push the serillla, I gave it 4 stars because with my cell phone that is Samsung I do not connect at all and with the iphone I had to borrow I connect immediately so it costs a lot to connect with my device and if I had not ordered the iphone nor could I use it, but the rest excellent quality, I reach 12 days or 10 but I arrive very fast, I liked when I used it on the iphone I borrowed.

  • D***d

    Very good product valuing price/benefit, easy to use, the camera is not of the best quality but you get acceptable display. The application allows you to take photo and record video.

  • S***i

    there is a small detail after the first upload the image turned pink, after a search that happens when heated, which happens with more than 20 min connected to the charger. So it's good, the image too, but beware of charging time or it will heat up and ruin the image